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Loom Band Mega Kit - 4400 Bands, Loom and Charms in Plastic Storage Case

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A brand new loom kit now in stock! This Mega Kit 4400 Bands is by a new manufacturer, and they have included a mega quantity of cool loom items all included in a handy storage box. So go crazy and start creating with this excellent value kit!

Loom Mega Kit Includes:

  • 1 loom
  • 1 hook
  • 4400pcs bands assorted colours (includes glow in the dark bands)
  • 18 charms 
  • 100 S-clips
  • Large plastic storage case with 21 compartments (35cm x 21cm)

Assorted colours include black, blue, green, purple, pink, yellow, aqua, white, navy, orange, red, miulti-colour, glow in the dark green, glow in the dark yellow, glow in the dark blue, glow in the dark purple, glow in the dark orange, opaque orange and opaque green.


Not recommended for kids under the age of 8 years.  Small parts are a choking hazzard and this toy is not to be used by young children ages 0-3. Adult supervision recommended due to small parts and use of hook.

Please note, this is not the Choon's Design Loom Kit .

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